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Quality and Expertise

Bello Neo Mangos de Madera, was founded as a family business, started production activity of wooden handles in 1972. Throughout these years, we have been expanding and diversifying our products according to the market and new technologies. Since our beginning, we have gained the confidence of large customers, both national and international, all this due to the high production capacity, always getting the highest quality and efficiency in our work. The knowledge of the latest techniques and developments of wood we work with, is what allows us to be constantly evolving and what keeps us awake and able to take on any project, always according to the needs of our customers.


The origin of our raw material is found in the Galician forests. The wood used in the manufacture of the handles comes from the Galician pine. It is a high quality wood and an intermediate hardness, also it have good mechanical resistance, heterogeneous and coarse texture. The specific weight of dried wood in air is 0,46tn / m3 approximately. We offer our product in different types of qualities and finishes.

On arrival at our company a rigorous classification is made and according to our quality standards, only it is admitted the pieces without knots and without defects. Furthermore, in our factory we have an optimized space for the drying process of wood. The final price will depend on the classification of wood and finishes. Also, before shipment to the customer we carry out an inspection in which it is found that the resulting product meets the specifications of the order.

All of our suppliers have Control System Chain of Custody Forest Products, accordance with the requirements of Annex IV of the PEFC Technical Document. This system guarantees the origin of our raw material as well as being an important tool that enhances sustainable development around forest ecosystems. Ask for a sample of our products through our email.*


Polyethylene is made in low natural density (PEBD or PELD) with a density of 0.92 cm3 / g is soft and elastic. Polyethylenes are noble, recyclable and non-polluting materials, their combustion does not cause harmful gases to the atmosphere. Products made from these materials, handled properly, are suitable for multiple applications. Its impermeability and its resistance mainly make the sticks lined with these materials are good allies with the environment. They can occur in different colors such as white, black, gray, red, blue, yellow, etc.


We have a lot of flexibility if we talk about measures, the client indicates the length and diameter of the stick of interest. These dimensions range between the following parameters: Length: From 0 to 2400 mm. Diameter: 8, 10, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24 and 28mm. We use more than 90 reference to preparer our products. At the following table are detailed some the measures we are used to do.

After make your order, you will receive confirmation indicating all data related with the operation and payment. Delivery time change depending the availability of stock and the workload. The products will be sent to national or international client withs a transport agency. The wooden handles are supplied according to customer preferences in packs of 50 or 60 palletized units.

The invoice, is valid as warranty, so this will take effect from the day the delivery is made at the destination gave in the order. Defects or damage due to incorrect use or manipulation of material or wear by use are not included in the warranty condition.


Competitive prices, get good price now calling our phone number, fax or through our email address. Carriage paid for orders over 2,000 units in the domestic market. Payment method always agree with the customer. The order will not be considered effective until it is received by fax, email or transfer receipt, ending confirmation when our bank finds us that has made the entry. All purchases made us are subject to the general conditions of purchase set out in this document and in default to those established by the Spanish State specific legislation on trade.

Where we are


Sabaxáns, 25 Bastavales


A Coruña



GPS coordinates 42.822381, -8.654508

Tfno: +34 981 888 839

Fax: +34 981 888 839

Email: info@mangosdemadera.com